Water Quality Control

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Water Quality Control

QEP Environmental provides monitoring and evaluation of water quality for a variety of means. Water quality is often an issue when construction occurs nearby or on an aquatic habitat, as certain areas of the shoreline are critical for fish life cycles. QEP Environmental offers water quality control services. Most notably, it is important to develop mitigations for construction that will satisfy governmental requirements and help permit application.

What is Water Quality Control?

Measures to ensure no contaminating and deleterious substances are discharged into water during construction. This includes mitigation measures as to how construction takes place as well as periodical Environmental Monitoring to test water quality during development activity.

When is Water Quality Control required?

Water Quality Control is usually mandated by regulations at the municipal and provincial level. Depending on where your development takes place, certain measures are required to be undertaken during construction. The effectiveness of these measures is usually confirmed via Environmental Monitoring

In addition to mineral and chemical concentrations, our staff will quantify variable measurements, such as turbidity, pH, temperature, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen, in order to best assess the current quality and provide the most effective recommendations. QEP Environmental staff has conducted water quality control planning as part of a multitude of diverse projects, including repeated measurement during dam construction and other industrial-scale works.

Questions about Water Quality Control?

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