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Property Prospect Analysis

Looking to buy a home or develop your land? Have you thought about conducting a Property Prospect Analysis?

Before you make a final decision when buying your new property, one is usually on the lookout for unseen evironmental concerns that may impact your quality of life and development plans. Some of these concerns may be regarding past contaminations and spills, mold, seasonal water runoff and various other issues which may potentially impact the health and well-being of your family and property.

When you plan to purchase a property, permissions may not be granted for developments that you have in mind, or the site might not be suitable in other ways. The Property Prospect Analysis can help avoid these situations ahead of time and determine any permits needed, as well as mitigate restrictions that you may encounter before you make a decision to buy. Our environmental site assessor will work closely with you to offer enviromental evaluation services for new home and land buyers to help you make the best decision on purchasing a property. We can help you avoid hidden risks and permit issues before they arise.

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