Marine Habitat Assessment

marine habitat

Marine Habitat Assessment

QEP Environmental has conducted a variety of marine and aquatic habitat assessment services across BC. QEP Environmental professional biologists have experience performing studies assessing, quantifying and identifying marine habitat, including critical habitat. 

What is a Marine Habitat Assessment?

In order to evaluate potential project impacts within a marine location a marine habitat assessment collects, quantifies and analyzes baseline habitat data in order to provide a determination of overall habitat quality and specific ecosystem considerations.
A marine habitat assessment is conducted by qualified professional biologists and typically focuses on establishing baseline habitat conditions, evaluation of potential species at risk (SARA) and critical habitat presence, and quantification of habitat value and project effects.

When is a Marine Habitat Assessment Required?

Various project permitting processes will require a detailed marine habitat assessment if a project is planned within a marine environment, such as the Canadian Impact Assessment Act, 2019 (CIAA) or the BC Environmental Assessment Act (BCEAA). Development permit applications for smaller projects within marine environments will also typically require a marine habitat assessment in order to satisfy jurisdictional requirements. 

QEP Environmental staff has conducted marine and aquatic studies and evaluation of habitat across BC for over 11 years. Our staff possesses  knowledge and expertise in BC's marine and aquatic habitats, as well as experience in satisfying regulatory requirements.

Questions about Marine Habitat Assessments?

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