EIA Assessment


Environmental Impact Assessment

QEP Environmental offers Environmental Impact Assessments for potential structures and renovations. Often, this type of assessment is required to acquire a building permit. The goal of an EIA is to gauge potential impacts of the planned construction, find ways to minimise them, and suggest environmentally-conscious ways to operate the building/structure after its completion. Recommendations are released to the client in the form of an EIA Report, which is used to support permit applications.

What is an EIA Assessment?

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reviews a development and makes an assessment of its potential impacts to the local habitat. EIA assessments include measures to conduct development in an environmentally safe and sustainable way, as well as measures to enrich the local habitat to compensate for encroachment.

When is an EIA Assessment required?

When construction in an environmentally sensitive area is proposed, a governmental regulator way prescribe an Environmental Impact Assessment to support the development application. 

We also offer services dealing with Harmful Alteration, Disruption or Destruction (HADD). Our personnel will compile habitat loss compensation plans, and No Net Loss (NNL) strategy implementations, protecting your investments.

In addition to evaluating damages received by any given natural habitat, we are also able to work towards restoring a damaged area to its previous state.

QEP Environmental has worked on and successfully completed many EIA reports in a multitude of regional districts. Our staff is experienced in EIA methodology for large, industrial developments as well as for smaller, residential works.

Questions about EIA Assessments?

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