ESA Phase I

ESA phase 1

ESA Phase I

QEP Environmental has been providing straight forward and affordable ESA Phase I services across British Columbia for over ten years. Our staff is well-versed in the requirements and regulations involved in Phase I ESA studies.

Do I need an ESA Phase 1 assessment?

Phase I ESA Assessments are most commonly requested by financial institutions as part of the real estate due diligence process. In case of mortgage refinancing, transfer of property or deed of land, the mortgage institution may require a Phase 1 ESA Assessment to be conducted.

What is an ESA Phase I Assessment?

An Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a review of present and historical site activities that may have, or had in the past, contamination effects on present structures, soil, groundwater and other site features. An ESA Phase 1 includes a visual inspection of the site and an extensive database search for any historical contaminations. Interviews with knowledgeable people are also conducted, in accordance with the general requirements of CSA Standard Z768-01.

What is the purpose of a Phase 1 ESA Assessment?

An ESA Phase I study aims to interpret its findings to make a recommendation on whether or not a further testing is required. Through visual observation and a thorough study of available archives and documentation, QEP Environmental will ascertain whether or not there is a potential for historical contamination on a subject site.

QEP Environmental is experienced in Environmental Site Assessments, Phase 1, with projects completed across British Columbia. A variety of ESA Assessments have been carried out by QEP Environmental staff for small commercial and retailer facilities, as well as large scale, industrial assessments. We offer ESA Phase 1 services across BC, including Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley region, the Okanagan, Vancouver Island and interior BC.

Questions about ESA Phase I services?

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