Sediment/Erosion Control


Sediment & Erosion Control

QEP Environmental provides consultation and services for erosion and sediment control. After a physical assessment and accounting for federal, provincial, and municipal regulations, we produce recommendations and mitigations that will minimize erosion and sediment transport during construction activity.

What is Sediment/Erosion Control?

This includes measures that prevent silted water and other sources of sedimentation from entering sensitive watercourses during construction. This also includes measures to ensure that the construction area does not become compromised by erosion due to construction.

When is Sediment/Erosion Control required?

Sediment & Erosion control is usually mandated by municipal and provincial regulations. Depending on where your development takes place, certain measures are required to be undertaken during construction. The effectiveness of these measures is usually confirmed via Environmental Monitoring.

Controlling particulate matter dispersion during development is especially important if a site of activity is iclose to a potentially affected body of water. Measures to contain sediment dispersion during construction are often required as part of development permit issuance. In addition to preventative measures, some constructions may require practical methods of sediment and erosion control, such as physical barriers.

QEP Environmental staff is experienced in compiling sediment and erosion control plans for a variety of industrial and commercial means.

Questions about Sediment & Erosion Control?

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