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QEP Environmental has been providing quality services to BC residents and business owners for over 11 years. 

Our services are based on professional experience and extensive knowledge of wildlife, aquatic and fisheries biology, species at risk biology and local experience with various ecosystems of British Columbia. QEP Environmental has a strong positive reputation among our clients and with regulators from federal, provincial and regional districts.

ESA Phase I

A review of present and historical site activities to determine the potential for historic contamination. 

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RAPR / RAR Assessment

An assessment of an existing watercourse, its riparian area and its potential development setbacks. 

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Impact Assessment

An assessment of a proposed development plan and recommendations for sustainable construction. 

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Environmental Monitoring

The presence of a QEP is often required for certain phases of construction. Let us create an Environmental Monitoring plan to suit your needs.

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Marine Habitat Assessment

Evaluation of marine environments and assessment of habitat features, species and potential project effects.

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Sediment/Erosion Control

We will create a plan to control sedimentation and erosion during and after construction activity. 

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Water Quality Control

Measures to protect water quality during sensitive construction activities. 

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